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Wednesday, October 16, 2019
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(b) 2009 July Mission Trip


Team Members: Barbara Waldron, Cathy and Louie Williford, Tammy Ross, Howard and Mary Pickels.


July 2009 Mission Trip:

Before our first working mission trip to Peru, a lot of coordinating with the new pastor, Pastor Milton, took place. Many ideas were transformed into a reality. Our original plan was to take family photos as an opening to talk with them about becoming a member of the Family of God. It was difficult to get family photos done because this group of people work in the fields seven days a week...all day long. Pastor Milton was able to arrange for us to get into the schools to take school photos, which we printed, matted and labeled as a gift from the local church. Over 500 photos were taken, then on Saturday a "Festival of the Family" was conducted. Many games were played, and lots of music, puppet shows, magic shows, and skits were presented and a drawing and coloring contest of family values had taken place in the schools. There were three winners from each school and they were given bags of items from the USA. All of the items had labels stating it was a gift from the local church. This gave the church a contact with many people.
Because of an unexpected transportation strike, our schedule for taking the photos had to change which gave us a day and a half to be able to paint the exterior of the church. Many people came by to see what was going on, and that gave opportunities to share. In the evenings three sessions of Discipleship training classes were conducted by the three men on the team. It was such a blessing for the congregation to open up during the classes and ask questions and share thoughts on the lessons. One evening Pastor Reuben's family prepared a South Georgia meal of cubed steak, mashed potatoes and gravy and vegetables. It was a wonderful meal! What a sacrifice for them. We were so grateful for the assistance of our missionary, Jeff Holeman and his daughter Haylee, who quickly became a part of our team. Our translators, Daniel Sanchez and Elizabeth Holder and even our driver Gustavo joined in the work. We took a team of 7 and ended up with a team of 12.
Sunday was a full day of amazing worship! One of our team members who had planned Sunday school for the children had changed the lesson at the last minute to the lost sheep. On the way to the church, a little lamb wandered across the road all alone. Affirmation!! Attending the first service at one church (not the church we were working with and one who had no idea we were coming or what our theme for the week was), the sermon was entitled, "Restoring the Family". Affirmation!! We saw God's hand in everything that transpired during the week, and for this we are so humbled by this experience. We are providing First Baptist Church members with prayer cards with photos of the families and children from this village of Orcatuna. Make a commitment to pray for these families to be receptive to the witnessing efforts of the local church and pray for their salvation.
Gloria Dios!!
Barbara Waldron
Louie & Cathy Williford
Charlie Dukes
Tammy Ross
Howard & Mary Pickels

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