First Baptist Church Quitman
Wednesday, October 16, 2019
Sharing Christ Serving Our Community

(f) 2010 December Mission Trip

 Team members: Barbara Waldron, Tammy Ross, and Drake Shierling- December 1-8, 2010
On each trip we are constantly looking for ways we can  build on the relationships we have started.  The Mayor of Huachac, has really supported us and always meets with us to see if there is anything he can do for us.  Our ultimate Goal is to share Jesus with the people of this area and to plant a church in the village.  Rolando has become a very dear friend and works so hard on the logistics of each trip.  He always finds us a place to stay  and makes the arrangements needed to carry out the plans we have.  On a previous trip to Antapampa, we noticed the children were in need of shoes.  We began collecting shoes, and Ousley Baptist, who has become a great supporter of our partnership, collected shoes and socks.  The socks were a great  treat.  Ladies at FBC have been busy crocheting hats to take.  It gets very cold at night.  We took the shoes to the school at Antapampa and after sharing the Christmas story with the children and them sharing a program with us, we opened the "Shoe Store".  Kids were able to come in (3 at a time) to shop.  They picked out shoes they liked and wanted to try on.  Once they were happy with their choices, they were bagged up given a hat, a Bible story book in Quechua,  and a bag of fruit.  While at Antapampa the Mayor came and held a dedication of the wall that was repaired around the school .  I was asked to take part in this service, what an honor. They also prepared a meal for the occasion.  It was very good, fried trout (the entire fish) potatoes and corn.  During this visit the children were asked, if there was anything we could do for them.  Their reply was to come back and teach them english.  (Next trip we will teach english at this school)   We had many opportunities to share the love of Jesus through testimonies, giving gifts, and telling the Christmas Story using different visual aids.  We walked around the fields in the mid- mornings and passed out fruit to the field workers.  We held a Christmas festival at the minicipal building .  We met with the Pastor and his family of the Baptist Church in Huancayo.  We prayed about a partnership with them in reaching people in Chupaca.  We attended a home Bible Study he had started in Chupaca.  A very nice family, they are studying "Experiencing God".  After the study the ladies prepared a fried pastry dessert and coffee. We also met with the Quechua ministry group.  We purchased Quechua Bibles to distribute to the older people in Huachac.   On the next trip they will come out and show the Jesus film in the Quechua language.   They are able to understand the Bible more clearly in their native heart language.  We met with the Mayor of Chupaca, and the clinic there with the possibility of bringing eye surgeons to do cataract surgeries in the future. 
We also secured a building to rent in Huachac for 100 soles a month.  This is approx 35.00.  We will be able to stay in the house while we are in Huachac and one day it will be used as the church building. On our trip back to Lima, we always stop at the top of the pass.   Two men came running up to the van (there are always people there selling things)  They asked if we were Christians, they were too.  We had given many Bibles out during the week and we actually had two Bibles in the back seat pocket of the van.  Normally we would have given them all out. but God knew we needed those two.   He always provides.  We gave them the Bibles and they were so excited.  One of the guys was a Pastor of a small church in the next town.  He said they had some Bibles but they were falling apart and some of the pages were missing.  I told him we would bring him Bibles on our next trip.  We got the 'address' to his Church, and on the next trip we did take the Bibles to the church.  He was so surprised, he said people will promise them things all the time at the pass but they never see them again.  We never want to promise something we are not able to accomplish. 

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