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Wednesday, October 16, 2019
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(h) 2011 August mission trip

August 20-28 2011
team: Barbara Waldron, Steve Shierling
Upon arriving in Lima, our plans were to leave early the next morning going to Huachac. That did not happen, because of a mudslide on the highway over the mountains. We had to wait till the road was cleared which turned out to be the right thing to do.   We were able to attend the Christ to the Nations Church. were We talked with the Pastor who was wanting to partner with us and send members of his church to help us in our adopted area.  Praise the Lord!   Rolando had told me, that we were asked to attend the Congress of Peru, but I was anxious to get over the mountains to get started with the plans we had made. If not for the mudslide which by the way did not injure anyone, we would have missed a wonderful experience.   Not to mention being disrespectful in some sense, for not accepting the invitation.  I always say we have to be flexible, and sometimes that is a hard thing to do.  God always knows best. The Ambassador of Israel was addressing the Congress. We also met a team that was working in Lima with a group working with young people on abstaining from sexual activity before marriage. They had been wanting a contact in the Highlands, and this is certainly something we will check into. Because of the delay in travel, Raul and Celia from the Christ to the Nations Church was able to work things out so they could go with us. Along with the ladies from the Christian Alliance Church in Huancayo, Rolando, Javier and Raul our driver,  we now had a team of 12. God is great at multiplication. We traveled through the night to arrive in Huachac , Monday morning. While there we hosted a knitting workshop and Bible Study for 41 ladies. Around 100 children came to the children’s activities happening at the same time. Raul and Celia helped Barbara with the children while Steve led the Bible Study with the ladies. We have rented a house next to the municipal building, which will serve as a place for us to stay while we are there and  will one day serve as the church building. We purchased 10 mattresses and wool blankets, had the house wired for electricity, and made plans to repair the bathroom and install a shower. During a meeting with the Mayor, we were presented the Key to the City, which is the biggest honor the Mayor can bestow on non- residents. He has become such a wonderful friend and gives us His total support. We attended Parents Day at the Santa Rosa School and also talked with the Director about conducting a youth camp the following year. We visited the Antapampa School to donate a camera and printer . The Mayor went with us and for the first time, talked to the kids about why we do what we do. This was very encouraging.   I also experienced my first earthquake tremor. It was intense in the village, but Steve had gone into Huancayo and missed it.  We had two children accept Christ during the Children’s activities and one girl who had accepted Christ on a previous trip and Rolando’s son who had accepted and had not yet been baptized. On Saturday morning before leaving for Lima the four candidates for baptism and several others went to a beautiful spot in the bend of the river for baptism. This was truly the most awesome experience , more than anything we would have ever expected. Praise the Lord!!

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