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Wednesday, October 16, 2019
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(k) 2012 July 24-28 mission trip

Barbara Waldron, Cutis and Ola Pickels, Allen Wheeler and Chris Hilliard:



For over a year the Mayor of Huachac wanted to meet with our Mayor, Curtis Pickels.  Now was the time.  We arrived in Lima and were able to stay at the team house in MiraFlores.  After a good night sleep we returned to the airport the next morning to get two suitcases we were missing.  Unable to get them at that time we went to the Congress of Peru to meet with the congressman in charge of the district in which we work.  He was thrilled to meet with us and gave us his complete support in all our efforts.  He told us the number of Christians in the congress was growing, slowly but it is increasing.  After the meeting, and a tour of the beautiful building, we returned to the airport, had lunch and found the lost suitcases.  Now for the “nine” hour journey over the Andes Mountains.  It was night when we arrived in Huachac, but people were waiting for us with food, of course.  The Pentecostal Church had prepared a meal for us.  That night the men and church leaders met with Rolando for the Pastor questioning time before his ordination. Once we got to our designated sleeping areas, we were exhausted.  Thursday was a full day of festivities with the Mayor and townspeople.  We were honored guest in the parade and all the activities for the day.  Parades in Huachac are big events and long events.  Curtis and the Mayor met and discussed the way the village was governed and we accepted the challenge of getting the water for the village safe for drinking.  Also, a bus for the children to be able to get to school on rainy and cold days. The municipality prepared lunch for us (3:00pm) –fried trout, head on , of course, and the staple food, potatoes.  After lunch we went to the city cemetery and dedicated the new gate to the cemetery.  Pastor Chris had the opportunity to share a message.   We also met with the Bible Study and knitting group ladies for a display of their items.    We then went to Huancayo to purchase items for the wedding to be held on Thursday.  A much appreciated refrigerator was purchased by Curtis and Ola as a wedding gift for the couple.    The wedding was a big event for the entire town.  I was “Godmother “ for Rolando and actually gave him away. Curtis was the same for Luci.   Chris performed the Christian Ceremony.  What an experience.  After the wedding the reception was held in Chupaca at our friend, Carmen’s restaurant.  After the reception, Javier, our translator, Curtis, Ola, and Alan with Raul the driver left for Lima.  On the way the brakes went out on the van, there in a miracle occurred.  First that they were in a town and did not have an accident.  Next Javier, with the group got a taxi and went on to the airport and got there on time. In the meantime, Raul had looked for a mechanic to fix the van and had not found one, being it was late.  He was standing by the road and a guy was leaning against a pole(he had not seen him before) He asked if he had a problem.  When Raul told him what had happened, he replied, “ Well, I am a mechanic”.  He went to the van and within 20 minutes had the brakes fixed and they were back on the road.  When Raul was telling me about it, he asked,” Do you think it was a miracle”?  Without a doubt….Yes!

Chris and I stayed in Huachac and had several things to do before the next team arrived.  We traveled into Huancayo via taxi, for a trip to the Plaza Vea for supplies and the Maestro (Home Depot type store) for items needed to complete the curtains for the kindergarten class in Huachac.   Saturday night the rest of team arrived.

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