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Wednesday, October 16, 2019
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(n) 2013 April 8 - 23 Mission Trip

April 8 – 23
Barbara Waldron & Tammie Ross
April 8- 12- Curtis & Ola Pickels, Steve Shierling
Before  we left on this trip, we were able to purchase a bus for Huachac. The bus was there when we arrived in Huachac on the 10th. The ceremony was wonderful, and Curtis gave an inspired speech, letting all citizens know that this bus was a gift from God. The Mayor confirmed that truth, and they are all so happy with this addition for their city. After the ceremony we took a riding tour in the bus to all the areas in the Huachac district. Pachamanga was prepared at the home of Helen Flor, along with a volleyball game. When the three team members left on Thursday (with our driver and van) Tammie and I along with Javier had three days of walking everywhere we needed to go, except for a taxi ride into Huancayo. We took school photos at the two schools in Manzanarez. They were practicing volleyball and soccer, so we were able to take team photos for the sports groups.   We mounted these and took them back to the students.  We had some very good meeting with the school director. He offered his school to use for the youth camp to be held in August. We met several times with the church of Manzanarez. We supplied Volume 1 of Master Life and Abundant Life materials for the Bible studies that will be conducted on Saturdays, led by Pastor Carlos and his wife, from the Christian Alliance Church of Huancayo. The Manzanarez Church prepared Pachamanga for us and the knitting group prepared Trout. We visited the school at Antapampa and the kindergarten there. We took some plastic  home living items, like a kitchen , baby stroller, wheelbarrow, dumptruck, ironing board and iron and other play items, for that classroom. We provided shoes and sock for the kindergarten class in Huachac. 
The knitting class is expanding, Jessica will be starting a group in Manzanares and two other ladies will start a group in Macatuna. They will all work with the same format, 1 hour of knitting, 1 hour of Bible Study, and then another hour of knitting.  The group is participating in many festivals, events and fashion shows. They are planning to go to one in Lima.
The bus started its route of picking up children on Thursday after the presentation ceremony on Wednesday. What a blessing to see it full of children, happy children. They are working out a schedule for the Marcatuna area as well.
On Thursday night , we met with the church of Manzanares and were asked to speak. Mission trip 101- always be prepared, you never know when you will be asked to speak. When they prepared pachamanga, we also took plastic eggs and and had an egg hunt.   
We left for Lima on the 17th and flew out on the 18th to Iquitos. We had some fascinating experiences in the jungle. We visited the home of Luci and Rolando and her family who lives in a small village on the Amazon river. There is nothing like being in a peke-peke boat in a rain storm on the Amazon. We visited the school, clinic and attended a worship service at the church there. We met  Southern Baptist missionaries, Rafael and Marisel Graña, who were such a blessing. They applied and were accepted by the IMB, however at that time a few years ago, the IMB froze all new appointments due to lack of funds. Their church decided to sponsor them and send them on the Iquitos. 
We returned home on the 23rd, with so many stories to tell. Some people say why don’t you just send the money, that it cost to send a team? The reason we don’t, was explained so clearly by Marisel , she told us that people in the jungle, in the small villages, have said, “ Because you have come, we now know that God has not forgotton us”.

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