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Wednesday, October 16, 2019
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(m) 2012 November Mission Trip

The Peru Sisterhood!
 Cathy Williford, Julie Wingate,
Phyllis Hubert, Barbara Waldron
As a four woman team we labeled ourselves as the Peruvian sisterhood.  What a great time we had.  Even through the hard time of Cathy having altitude sickness and her and Julie spending a lot of time in the hospital of Huancayo.  God knew when to send a nurse on the trip.  We had a great time with the Pamper Days for the ladies.  We did manicures and facials using scrubs made with items that are easily obtained from the area.  We held Bible studies and a marriage seminar using the Fireproof movie and study.  On the first day, Jessica shared how she and her "husband" had met.  They were not legally married , then on Wednesday night during the prayer service she and Ronald announced that they had been convicted this week of how they had been living and wanted to get married the next day.  Phyliss and I were asked to stand up with them and be witnesses to their marriage.  It was a wonderful experience as after the legal ceremony and then the Christian ceremony we all went to the irrigation ditch where she was baptized and the then the reception where they were given gifts of fruit, vegetables, soft drinks and a hen, Rooster and pig.  we ate and had a great time.  We also visited the school at Marcatuna and gave them a printer for their school, and gifts and fruit cake for the kids..  We visited Antapama and gave out Christmas gifts and fruit cake
We met with the church at Manzanarez and gave them Lord Supper increments, from FBC that we no longer used.  We had several services at Manzanares including a mission seminar they had asked me to conduct.  We met with the knitting group several times and showed movies to the children while the ladies were knitting and in Bible Study.  We also prepared North American meals for the ladies each day during the Pamper Days.  We participated in door to door visitations in Manzanares. Pastor Carlos came to a meeting with the knitting group and gave them his support and met with the group in Manzanares.  God is working in this area and is opening doors in neighboring villages.
We are excited to see the Gospel being spread to people so eager to receive it.

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